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Download: Apollo The Great — “Apollo 21″

Apollo The Great


Apollo kicks off his Mixtape with Apollo 21, which signifies that he has lift-off and he’s going to take you on a journey throughout his galaxy. The second track “NASA” (Niggas A’int Seeing Apollo), makes it clear that he thinks there are many lame MC’s out there steady frontin’ like they’re ballers but they just can’t see him when it comes to lyrics or his grind.



On “Ink Bled” (ft Freeway) track three, Apollo says “what you hearing is a lyricist/rappers fearing this/I’m one of the nicest period/I’m serious!”. His sincerity rings through and there’s no doubt that he’s speaking from his heart and not just trying to gas himself up. Philly Freezer’s bars on this joint is a good compliment to Apollo’s flow.



“Reincarnated”, track ten,  Apollo channels Biggie on this joint with swift lyrics and a smooth delivery. The only thing lacking on this track is that we’re left with him and his team chillin’ in the Caribbean after a big score but we don’t get the imagery of the full set up and how they carried out their plot.



Track twelve “You and My Girl”, Apollo is in a struggle between his pursuit of making it big in the hip-hop game and his love of his girl. He talks about how being on his grind and dedicating time to his craft is robbing his girl of the time they need to spend together and the negative impact it’s having on their relationship. He compares his situation to being caught in a love triangle with too many strings attached.  His dilemma is that he loves them equally and asks — “What am I to do?”



Track sixteen, “Call it Quits Remix”(ft Joell Ortiz), offers advice to all the non-lyrical MC’s out there. If you ain’t kickin’ it hard then just call it quits!



All in all this is a tight mixtape with production real hip-hop heads will love, that boom bap. Even though Apollo The Great is relative young in the game, he has a flow that’s reminiscent of the “Golden Era” of hip-hop; those good ole 1990’s. His lyrics complete the package and makes it one definitely worth listening to.

Download: Apollo The Great — “Apollo 21″


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